YouTube Editing & Management

•  Specialising in Stream Highlights

•  Millions of Views

•  8+ Years of Experience

•  Working With Channels Of Any Size

So Why Choose Me?

I know how to grow your channel and I'll do everything I can to help you. I can do everything your channel needs, uploading daily videos, replying to comments, promotion through your social media, etc. Unlike most management agencies, I won't lie to you. The reality is that it's very hard to grow you channel without a lot of care and attention, something I can provide. Hiring an editor is more of an investment than a guarantee, I will always be honest if you hire me and won't ever do something stupid like artificially boost views or anything to that nature. I use Adobe Premiere Pro & Photoshop for all my videos & pictures. I'd like to think I have a good sense of creative direction that puts the videos I make above the competition. If you play GTA RP I wrote some scripts to be able to make the best thumbnails in the fastest time.

A Little About Me:

Im 23, I live in England in the United Kingdom and spend most of my time watching Twitch & YouTube, when I don't have work. I studied Computer Science at University for 3 years. I became addicted to watching GTA RP since the days of Lirik, GiantWaffle and more joining the SOE server, then I moved to watching NoPixel about 2 years ago. I have even played on NoPixel a few times. I now like to code RedM & FiveM scripts when I have time. I love video editing, as a job & a hobby, so I always put time into that as well. I've been uploading to YouTube since 2009 and streaming on Twitch since 2011.

Content I Make:

Prior to deciding to edit as a job I would record and upload videos of myself playing various video games and tried out Vlogging too. I then decided to start making comical videos and so asked TimTheTatman if I could edit YouTube videos using his streams, which he was ok with. My channel then started taking off and it's when I wanted to start doing this as a job. Tim was looking for a video editor for his own channel so it was a great portfolio to show. Then I stopped watching Tim and got back into GTA RP where I heard through Vader that Spaceboy was looking for an editor so sent him a message and was making the videos he wanted thoughout 2019.